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Our most relaxing Aromatherapy blend

A candle and an essential oil blend styled on top of a wooden bath shelf.


with Lavender & Geranium - A blend to calm and relax the mind for absolute tranquillity.

The best relaxing candle scent!

I really can't explain how good this fragrance is just by telling you here, you would have to try it for yourself, but I can tell you how it came about.

During my college days in the beauty salon, we began bringing in clients for massage on a daily basis, and this was the blend I put together for pure relaxation. It ended up being just as relaxing for me doing the massage, as it was for the client enjoying it!

After using this blend with my Aromatherapy massage clients, I had such amazing feedback, not just because of the basics like good massage pressure and technique, but also because of Aroma!

Fragrance is a huge part of the overall Aromatherapy massage recipe, and the powerful therapeutic properties and effects that these pure Essential Oils have on the body, can completely transform, compliment, and vastly enhance the client's experience. I myself fell in love with this blend.

Nearing the end of 2019, when I found a box of glass ramekins tucked away in the garage collecting dust and spider webs, I had a brainwave (this doesn't happen often). Instead of wasting them and throwing them away, I thought...


I decided to up-cycle these cute little glass pots into natural scented candles for myself and gifts to friends and family. Not just your everyday candles though, I wanted to make true Aromatherapy candles, with real therapeutic properties.

Being a big candle lover myself, and after buying many over the years and realising I could never find a therapeutic candle containing only essential oils as fragrance, or one that had any fragrance to it at all, I decided to try it out myself using these ramekins.

And the first blend I thought of?

lavender & geranium

A glass ramekin candle wrapped in hessian and lilac ribbon.
First ever candle 2019

They were gorgeous! And friends and family loved them.

"You could sell these!" was what spurred me on to start this little business, and with improvement, proper testing, and a lot of learning (and I mean a lot of learning), this is where they are today.

Things have changed regarding the look, design, and the name (which was Relaxing Serenity), and with a growing focus on sustainability, I felt that as pretty as they were, the ribbons had to go. Labels also came and went twice, but the recipe has stayed the same, and always will (I'll make sure of that).

This is now a favourite at Lib's Aromatherapy, and that's really exciting!

Would you like to try our Relax candle and experience the tranquil fragrance that started it all? Don't hesitate, and head to the online shop now.

If you prefer Wax melts or Oil blends to candles, you can also purchase our Relax Wax Melt Bar or Relax Essential Oil Blend and use them with our beautiful Pearlescent Ceramic burner.

Come on by, I'd love to see you there.




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