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A birds eye view of a candle on a throw with rose gold wick trimmers

candle care guide

Our candles are made with love, care, and strict attention to detail, ensuring that you get the best possible experience. Once you receive your candle, you'll want to get the most out of your purchase so here are some tips and handy information to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

How to burn your candle

BURN FOR A GOOD FEW HOURS - For an efficient burn, and to get the best therapeutic experience, you'll need to let your candle burn for 3 to 4 hours. Don't worry if there is still wax left around the sides, this will catch up each time you burn your candle.

KEEP YOUR CANDLE AWAY FROM DRAFTS - Burn your candle away from any drafts or open windows. Not only will you lose the therapeutic aroma out the open window, but any candle flame that is blown around by a breeze will cause unburnt carbon to escape the flame before it can completely combust, which in turn will cause black smoke, soot and a mushroomed wick.

KNOW WHEN TO STOP - Stop burning your candle when the remaining wax is 8 - 10mm deep as this is a safety issue. But don't waste it! If you have a candle warmer or a wax melter, you can remove the remaining wax and use it as you would a wax melt. Our Ceramic Candle warmer is also a fantastic product. You can simply place the candle container on the hot plate and let the heat melt the wax.

TRIM THE WICK - Make sure the wick is trimmed to 5 - 8mm before re-lighting. This prevents black soot, black smoke, and high flames. Using wick trimmers made specifically for this reason is the best way to do this. See our Rose Gold Candle Care Tool Set for a stylish option.

WONKY WICK? - All candle wicks will curve towards the outer part of the flame to burn properly as it needs to reach the oxygen to burn. This may cause your candle to melt one side quicker than the other but will catch up in the following burns.

USE THE LID TO PROTECT FROM DUST - Each Lib's Aromatherapy candle comes with a complimentary rose gold lid. These lids should not be used to extinguish a candle but to protect the candle from dust and debris when it's not being used. If you extinguish a candle with the lid and keep the lid on, you trap the smoke. This smoke will then penetrate the wax and ruin the fragrance by giving your candle a sour aroma.

A candle and essential oil styled with flowers in a bathroom

how to store your candle

STORE IN A COOL PLACE - Store your candle at room temperature and away from sunlight, heat sources or damp areas. Store with the lid on.

DO NOT STORE IN THE FREEZER - Believe it or not, we have seen such claims on the Internet, and please don't do it! 


WHY? Vegetable wax and essential oils are never fully blended. They can't be, because wax, when cooled, turns into a solid, but an essential oil is always a liquid and stays in liquid form even after the candle has hardened and cured.


Confusing yes? But that's science! During the curing process, the essential oils will seep evenly into all the available pockets, cracks, and crevices in the solidified wax, but by freezing the candle you reverse the process. With extreme temperature changes the wax expands and contracts, and the oils are pushed right back out again (chandlers call this sweating). This will weaken the fragrance of the candle.

DO NOT STORE NEAR A HEAT SOURCE - As before, extreme temperature changes can cause sweating and can weaken the fragrance strength of the candle.

We want you to enjoy your candle and experience their therapeutic benefits. These tips will ensure you do.

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