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Candle care guide

All of my Candles are made with love, care, attention, and careful planning. Once you receive your candle, it will need some love and attention to be able to perform at its very best.


THE FIRST BURN IS THE MOST IMPORTANT - For an efficient burn, you must for the first time let your candle burn for 2 - 4 hours (preferably the full 4 hours) or until the melted wax has reached the sides of the container (or close to). A couple of mm hang up around the candle container is acceptable, as this will slowly melt and catch up in following burns.


If you don't let your candle burn for a good amount of time, your candle will start to tunnel. Each burn thereafter will keep tunnelling down the centre of the candle, and you'll be left with a large buildup of wax around the sides of the container. This then creates a smaller space around the wick, decreasing the amount of oxygen needed for the flame to burn. The further you burn down the candle, the hotter the air becomes around the flame, so any burns from then on won't need as much time to pool.

KEEP YOUR CANDLE AWAY FROM DRAFTS - Burn your candle away from any drafts or open windows. Not just because the beautiful aroma will go straight out the window, but any candle flame that is blown around by a breeze will cause unburnt carbon to escape the flame before it can completely combust, which in turn will cause black smoke and soot.

KNOW WHEN TO STOP - Stop burning your candle when the remaining wax is around 8 - 10mm deep, as this can be a safety issue. But don't waste it! Why not use our Ceramic Candle warmer to melt the remaining wax like you would a wax melt. Simply place the candle container on the hot plate and let the heat melt the wax.

TRIM THAT WICK - Make sure the wick is trimmed to 5 - 8mm before re-lighting. This prevents black soot, black smoke, and high flames. Using wick trimmers made specifically for this reason is the best way to do this.

See our Rose Gold Candle Care Tool Set.

WONKY WICK? - All candle wicks will, and must curve towards the outer part of the flame to burn properly and reach the oxygen it needs to burn. This is how a candle wick should be. This may cause your candle to melt one side quicker than the other, and will catch up in the following burns. But, if you choose to, simply extinguish the candle, trim and relight.

USE THE LID TO PROTECT FROM DUST - Each of my candles come with a complimentary rose gold lid. These lids are not to be used to extinguish a candle (as I know people sometimes do), but to protect the candle from dust and debris. Please note: If you extinguish a candle with the lid and keep the lid on, you will trap the smoke. This smoke will then penetrate the wax and ruin the fragrance by giving your candle a smokey aroma.

How to burn your candle

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how to store your candle

STORE IN A COOL PLACE - Storing at room temperature is perfect, away from sunlight, extreme temperatures and damp areas. Store with the lid on.



DO NOT STORE IN THE FREEZER - Believe it or not, I have seen such claims on the Internet...

Please do not put your candle in the freezer! Vegetable wax and essential oils are never fully blended. Wax cools and turns into a solid, but essential oil stays in liquid form. During the curing process, the essential oils will seep evenly into all the available spaces, cracks, and crevices in the solidified wax. By freezing the candle you will reverse this process. With extreme temperature change when thawing, the oils will be pushed right back out again, where you will see oily droplets on the top of your candle.

DO NOT STORE NEAR A HEAT SOURCE - Again, extreme temperature changes can cause sweating and can weaken the fragrance strength of the candle.

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