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A candle on silk background

Our aromatherapy candles are meticulously crafted in small batches using natural soy wax and pure essential oils.


We offer 4 signature blends that are created to deliver therapeutic benefits to relax, de-stress, uplift and soothe.

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essential oil candles

An essential oil bottle on a book with some glasses on a bed

essential oil blends

Our 100% pure essential oil blends are uniquely created to support specific moods and emotions.


Each blend can be used topically when diluted in a carrier oil to benefit both the mind and the body.


Our 10ml blends provide a therapeutic experience and are perfect for those seeking an effective mood-boosting experience.

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A reed diffuser on top of a bathroom shelf

reed diffusers

Our essential oil reed diffusers are not only therapeutic but also stylish and fit in with anyone's interior style.

We make 8 different fragrances, including our 4 signature fragrances and our 4 season collection. We take pride in offering alcohol-free and vegan-friendly diffusers that come accompanied by 8 fibre reeds for optimal performance.


Diffuse for up to 3 months when you follow our handy tips on how to use and where to place your reed diffuser. See our blog post all about it here.

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A relaxing wax melt bar with burner

Our wax melts are hand-poured in small batches using natural soy wax and 100% pure essential oils, ensuring a long-lasting fragrance of up to 80 hours when used with 4-hour tealights. Each bar has 5 segments and is available in our 4 signature blends.

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essential oil wax melts

A pipette with a drop of nail and cuticle oil being applied to a nail_
bath, body & skincare

Our all-natural body and skincare range is ever-growing and formulated by Libby herself, using only the highest quality ingredients and pure essential oils.


Our skin-loving formulas provide amazing benefits for your skin using the power of nature to soothe, cleanse and moisturise.

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