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essential oil candles

Hand poured by myself in small batches, our essential oil infused candles are blended and poured using only natural soy wax and 100% pure essential oils. Each blend is unique and created by me for therapeutic benefits inviting you to slow down and enjoy life's simple pleasures.

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I cannot recommend HIGHLY enough these beautiful aromatherapy candles! There is something for everyone amongst them! I spoke to Libby a while ago and asked if she had a candle that could help me to have a decent night's sleep. She suggested the "Lavender & Geranium". It worked WONDERS!! I'm the kind of person who will struggle to sleep thru the whole night uninterrupted. I wake a few times, and I usually don't manage more than 3 or 4 hours in a row without waking. But, after I'd first lit the Lavendar & Geranium candle (roughly 3-4 hours before going to sleep), I managed 7 very peaceful hours in a row without interruption! I haven't slept like that for longer than I can actually remember! It really did work for me. And I can't thank Libby highly enough for that.


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essential oil wax melts

The best part about our bars is that they smell as good as they look. Our soy wax melt bars are blended and poured by hand, again using only natural soy wax and pure essential oils, and are poured into moulds in small batches maintaining our high quality standards.

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room fragrance reed diffusers

Our reed diffusers are a perfect way to add a touch of luxury to any area of your home or workspace. Made with high quality essential oils and an all-natural vegan-friendly diffuser base, our reed diffusers have the ability to perform at their very best when used correctly. Visit our blog post 'How To Use A Reed Diffuser' for some handy tips, and where to place it for optimal performance.

essential oil blends

Our therapeutic essential oils provide beautiful fragrances and deep relaxation. They are unique and specifically created by me for specific uses giving you an effective therapeutic experience every time. Our blends can also be used topically by following the directions accompanied with your oil, or for '15 simple and easy ways to use essential oils' in the home, download our free guide here.

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A cuticle oil bottle and dropper styled with a rosemary sprig

Bath & body

Our Nourishing Nail & Cuticle Oil is the first product in our Aromatherapy skincare line, and it's like nothing you've ever tried before.

Using only the most natural plant oils to feed your nails and cuticles and the purest of essential oils to add their magic to your skincare routine, this oil will leave your nails fed, and your cuticles moisturised.