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How To Use A Reed Diffuser?

a Spring reed diffuser styled in a bathroom

Reed Diffusers are so underrated, and I think the reason why is because people don't put them in the right place. They are so easy to use, you simply insert the reeds and leave it to do its job.

how does a reed diffuser work?

Unlike electric diffusers and Oil Burners, Reed Diffusers work on the principle of capillary action and rely on natural airflow to carry the aroma around the room.

  • Electric diffusers use ultrasonic soundwaves to atomize the water and oil, and a fan to blow the atoms out into the air, in the form of water vapour.

  • Oil burners rely on heat from a burning flame or electric heating element below to evaporate the water and oil, which in turn releases the fragrance into the air.

How to use a diffuser

When you first receive your reed diffuser, you need to unscrew the rose gold cap and carefully remove the plug. You don't want to get any of the essential oil liquid on your furniture as it will damage any finishes or varnishes. You can keep the plug in case you ever want to reseal the diffuser.

diffuser reeds

Included with your diffuser are 8 fibre reeds. Your reeds are tied with a clear biodegradable/compostable sticker seal, so this can be removed and simply thrown away. Insert the reeds and leave them for 24 - 48 hours to soak up the liquid. After this time your reeds will now be saturated and diffusing fragrance nicely.

Our fibre reeds are superior quality to traditional rattan reeds, with their porous structure that provide a controlled rate of fragrance release throughout the life-span of the diffuser, making them perfect for optimal performance and scent throw. These reeds are designed to clog less, so usually don't need to be flipped at all, unless you choose to for a quick boost of fragrance.

how to make reed diffusers smell stronger?

If you're asking this question, then it means your diffuser needs to be moved. A reed diffuser needs to be strategically placed, for optimal performance because, as mentioned before, they use natural airflow to disperse fragrance.

For example:

If you place a reed diffuser in the far corner of any room, the aroma will not disperse as it should, because the flow of air will naturally by-pass the corners.

To make sure you get the most out of your reed diffuser, here are some dos and don'ts to consider:

Place in a high-traffic area

A high traffic area is where people walk through regularly. This is a great place because the aroma simply carries on the draft of your movement through the space.

Examples of high traffic areas:

  • Hallway

  • Coffee table

  • Landing

Place near an entryway

Another good place for natural airflow would be near an open doorway. For example: on a table next to the living room door, as the natural airflow is continuously circulating through the house.

place in a bathroom

This seems to be a contradiction to the rule, but in my experience, this is a really good place.

Being "Nose blind" is a thing! When you spend a lot of time in a space, like a living room, for example, the fragrance from your reed diffuser will, to you, after a while seem like it's no longer there. This is annoying, but it's completely normal.

A bathroom is usually a place you visit throughout the day but you don't stay in there for long periods of time. It's also a room you would normally keep the door closed when not in use. This is perfect because each time you open and close the door you move the air, causing fragrance to boost into the space. Each time you walk in, that boost of fragrance that has been building in there hits you like a bouquet of flowers to the face!... without the pain.

More reeds = more aroma

Use more reeds for a stronger aroma and fewer reeds for a weaker aroma. The more reeds you use, the more fragrance is drawn up into the reeds allowing for a greater scent throw. Please note, the more reeds used the shorter the life of the diffuser. But the good thing is, refills are available in the shop with another set of reeds, so all you need to do is top it up.

Flip the reeds every Couple of days

As mentioned before, you don't usually need to do this with our reeds, but if you choose to, and you want a boost of fragrance, flip the reeds every now and again to keep them saturated and the fragrance fresh. Some essential oils can be thicker than others and take a little longer to draw up the reeds, so flipping them will help. Again, the diffusing time of a reed diffuser will accelerate, the more the reeds are flipped.

Replace reeds when they beCome clogged

Over time, dust will naturally collect on the reeds and stick to the oil, clogging them so the liquid is no longer able to evaporate. If you have been turning your reeds regularly but can no longer smell the fragrance, then replacing them with new reeds will solve the problem. Get 8 replacement reeds here.

holding some diffuser reeds with two reed diffuser bottles and more reeds in the background

Do not
Do not place in direct sunlight or close to a heat source

The heat from a sunny windowsill or a radiator will cause the evaporation to accelerate at an extreme rate, and your diffuser will not last long at all.

Do not leave in a place where children and pets have aCcess

This is pretty obvious really. The ingredients in any reed diffuser you buy, no matter how natural and pure, are still chemicals (natural chemicals) and are extremely dangerous if swallowed or applied to the skin. All precautionary or saftey information is always on the base of the bottle or on the back of the box.

Discover our seasonal collection of Reed Diffusers and Refills, and find the one you love.


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