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Why choose our candles?

a dressing table styled with a large 3 wick candle, jewellery and cosmetics

I've always been a candle lover. There's nothing better than relaxing in the evening with a film, a big glass of your favourite tipple and a candle flickering in the background!

I used to spend so much money on scented candles like baby powder, pomegranate, fresh linen, etc. But it got to the point where I began to find them so overpowering and unnatural, so much so they started giving me headaches with such suffocating scents, so I ended up throwing them away!

After studying Beauty Therapy and Aromatherapy, learning all about essential oils and discovering their clean and fresh fragrances and amazing benefits, I began shopping for natural candles.

I found many on the market, but when I brought them home and lit them, there was absolutely nothing to them! No fragrance whatsoever, even after the maximum 4 hour burn, or come to think of it even up close! I know essential oil candles are meant to be gentle, delicate and less potent than your normal synthetic candle, but this was ridiculous!

What was going on?

With my new knowledge of essential oils, I knew there should have been more fragrance coming from these candles!?

Well, now I know why! Two reasons:

  1. Pure essential oils are expensive

  2. CLP* authoring costs a lot of money (Classification, Labelling & Packaging)

*CLP labels are usually found on the base of the candle cup, with the names of the ingredients contained and the safety statements needed. Like anything available on the market, they're there to be transparent about safety and what to do in an emergency if they're used incorrectly. They're a legal requirement.

After lots of research, and learning everything I needed to know about making candles, I came to realise that all of those essential oil candles I'd bought, really did have next to nothing in them!

Yes, they contained essential oils, but nowhere near enough to make it worth it!

How do I know this? Because the CLP labels had hardly any information on them. This is because the fragrance volume wasn't enough to trigger the hazard information you'd expect to find on one of these labels, and it doesn't take much.

It takes a lot of planning when creating a candle containing essential oils, not only to get the therapeutic balance of essential oils correct but also because there are many safety regulations to follow, which can be time-consuming and can add more cost to the product.

But why would you be happy to sell an Aromatherapy candle that doesn't live up to its purpose because it contains hardly any of the ingredients that make it "an Aromatherapy Candle"?

It irritated me, that I had been paying good money for candles that weren't living up to their therapeutic purpose. And these candles were expensive, which is the reason why I was expecting a good quality aromatherapy fragrance! I would rather make my own, with real therapeutic benefits. At least then I would know exactly what was going into them, and that they would work.

A flatlay of essential oils styled with dried fruits, rosemary and lavender flowers

So when I started to explore making my own aromatherapy candles, learning the how's, why's and the what not's, plus the reams and reams of rules and regulations that came with it, I didn't want to compromise their performance by missing out the important bits.

I would be doing you a disservice if I reduced the volume of oils used just to save money, and if I had to do that, there'd be no point in making them at all. I wanted to make these candles because I'm passionate about their abilities, and I want them to work for people, and would expect you as a customer to get what you pay for!

My promise

I will never compromise on fragrance or quality to save money. This is Aromatherapy, and real Aromatherapy works to support your health and well-being, so it must be used properly.

With nearly 30ml of clean and pure essential oils in each of our large 3 wick candles, I want to give you a therapeutic experience that helps to boost your well-being happy (and that's a lot of therapy in one candle!).

a large 3 wick aromatherapy candle styled with geranium and lavender flowers

"I stumbled across Lib’s aromatherapy by accident, trying to find a replacement for my favourite candle. Well, I now have a new favourite! The fragrance is simply wonderful and transports me to a place of serenity, calmness and safety. In these challenging times, I am so grateful for having found a product that helps me keep my balance. Thank you!"

- Louise

All of our pure essential oil candles are lovingly created, blended and hand-poured in small batches using natural vegetable wax, 100% pure essential oils, and my knowledge of Aromatherapy, nothing else! No synthetic fragrance oils, no dyes, no glitters, no paraffin or mineral waxes, and definitely no additives. All ingredients are natural, vegan-friendly and Cruelty-free. Learn more about Our Products.

If you'd like to explore our full range and find an Aromatherapy soy candle or pure essential oil blend that works for you, head over to our shop.



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