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How to use wax melts at home

what are wax melts?

Wax melts are made up of wax & fragrance, but unlike candles, don't need a wick to release the fragrance. Wax melts (or wax tarts as they are sometimes called) are getting more and more popular in the home fragrance world because they last longer than candles and come without the added burning smell.

where can I buy them?

There are several places where you can buy wax melts online. They come in many fragrances, shapes and sizes, and the majority that you find will contain fragrance oils, dyes and glitters. Here at Lib's Aromatherapy, I make my wax melts with only natural soy wax and pure essential oils bringing you beautifully clean and natural fragrance alternatives. No added chemicals, synthetic fragrances, or dyes, making them purely for therapeutic use in the home.

how to use wax melts at home

If you’re looking for a simple way to fill your home with beautiful scents, wax melts are a great option. Simply break off a segment of wax from one of our Aromatherapy wax melt bars and pop it in your wax warmer dish. You can also use ceramic oil burners with a 4-hour tealight.

Don't have a Wax Warmer? Take a look at our 2-in-1 Electric Wax Warmer or our stylish Pearlised Ceramic Oil Burner.

Each wax bar has 5 segments, and each segment will give you about 16 hours of fragrance (4 sessions when used with 4-hour tealights). Once your tealight burns out, and the wax hardens, you can re-melt the wax again and again until the fragrance wears out.

how to empty and clean my wax warmer

Once your wax has lost its fragrance and you want to replace it with a new segment, simply remove the hardened wax and wipe away any excess. Most of the time the hardened wax will just pop out with a little push and you can dispose of it in the rubbish.

If you have trouble removing the old wax from the dish, simply warm the wax for 30 seconds from beneath with a tealight and slide the wax out and into the bin and wipe away the excess with a tissue.

Our 2-in-1 Electric Wax Warmer has a dish that can be lifted from the top for easy cleaning.

If you wash your warmer dish or oil burner, be careful not to scratch the surface enamel or glaze with scourers as this will remove the protective barrier which stops the ceramic from absorbing the melted wax and you may not be able to use it again.

Explore my collection of Essential Oil Wax Melts and get 3 for 2 with code MADMELTER. Simply add 3 bars to your basket and enter the code at checkout.

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