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How to scent a room with essential oils

A room diffuser on a bathroom sink next to a hand towel

Essential oils are becoming more and more popular as people start to learn what these gorgeous bottles of natural magic can actually do. But, how are you supposed to use them?

There are many ways add fragrance to a room. Here are a few simple and easy ways to scent your cosy home.

How to use essential oil burners?

Oil burners come in many shapes and sizes and are perfect in small to medium rooms due to the size of the dish and the way the fragrance is diffused. They use heat from a single tealight flame to heat the water and oil in the dish and disperse the aroma into the air. Then the natural airflow will gently carry the evaporated droplets around the room.


Fill the ceramic dish with water (ensuring not to overfill). Sprinkle 1 - 3 drops of essential oils into the water, light a tealight, place it under the dish and enjoy the aroma.

how to use electric diffusers?

Electric Diffusers are great as they use ultra-sonic waves (high frequency sound waves) to diffuse a fine water/oil vapour into the air with an inbuilt fan. They usually come with a 100ml capacity water tank, built into the body of the device. There are many shapes and colours available on the market, also with colour changing bulbs which can add a very relaxing, soothing atmosphere to any room.

Most of these devices have built in timers, which is great as you don’t need to worry about remembering to turn it off. The perfect time to use this method is before bed. You could use a relaxing essential oil blend or a sleep blend and turn on for an hour just before you get into bed to promote a good night sleep.


A rule of thumb is to add 3 – 5 drops of Essential oil per 100ml of clean water into the water tank.

Again, always read the manufacturers instructions first, but it is normally advisable to clean out your diffuser tank before switching between oil blends, so maybe find and stick to one you love.

how do you use a reed diffuser?

Essential Oil Reed diffusers are getting evermore popular for scenting a room, but they need to be placed correctly to have optimal effect.

reed diffusers and reeds on a kitchen table

For example, placing your reed diffuser in the far corner of a room will do absolutely nothing! But placing it in an area with natural airflow, like next to the entrance to the living room, or in a walk-through hallway, the natural flow of air and back-flow will carry the fragrance through the home.


Simply unscrew the cap, carefully take out the plug, replace the screw cap and pop the reeds in and VOILA!

Click here for more tips & tricks on how to make a reed diffuser last, and where best to place it.

essential oil for potpourri

Make your own Potpourri by adding essential oils to a dried botanical mix. Perfect to make a statement or have on display when you have guests to stay or a party to host. We recommend a nice citrus fragrance like Refresh, Cleanse or De-Stress to bring an uplifting freshness to the room.


Add essential oils as desired to your potpourri. Essential oils can also be added to silk or faux flowers, drop a couple of drops onto the centre of a flower or even add to a tissue or paper and tuck away and hide between the stems or in the vase. *Note that essential oils can discolour some materials.

how to make clothes smell good

Make your own drawer smellies with essential oils. This one is a great method to keep clothes, shoes and jackets smelling clean and fresh. Plus it’s that easy and takes no time at all. A great oil blend for this would be Cleanse, or if you love a gorgeous perfume like spa fragrance I recommend Uplift! This one I absolutely love!


Apply a couple of drops onto a cotton ball/pad, leave to dry and place one in the bottom of a drawer, or wardrobe or leave a couple in a coat cupboard.

How to make your own room spray

This is such an easy at-home make, and for a simple DIY room spray for yourself to use in your own home, all you need is a fine mister spray bottle, clean water and Essential Oil. We recommend our Refresh or Cleanse blend.


Add 10 - 20 drops of your chosen Essential Oil blend per 1 pint of clean water to the mister bottle, shake well before each use and spray into the air and around the home. Avoid spraying directly onto furniture and fabrics as some essential oils can stain.

Of course, any essential oil blend can be used for any of these methods, it just depends on how you're feeling and what you like.

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