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Loyalty program Terms & Conditions

1. Purpose of T&Cs

(a) These terms and conditions will explain how you can earn points using our loyalty system and furthermore how to use your points to claim rewards.

(b) By registering and participating in our loyalty program you are taken to have read and agreed to these terms.

2. Our promise to you

We shall act both fairly and reasonably towards you, taking into account your—and our—respective interests. This will include whenever we are:

(a) Considering any requests made by yourself;

(b) Deciding whether to give our consent, or to exercise a right, discretion or remedy; or,

(c) Setting any conditions for doing any of these things.

Please note that we withhold the right to make or change a decision at any point, including where delays, temporary waivers, or differences may occur.

3. Points explained

(a) Points do not have any monetary value, except to the extent specifically provided for by a reward. Points are not property and cannot be redeemed as cash.

(b) Points will be awarded for each eligible transaction made in our application for loyalty program members. Members do not need to register to begin earning points but must go through a quick email login process to be able to redeem rewards.

(c) Points cannot be backdated nor transferred from other user accounts—even those of the same username.

(d) Points are earned for each whole £1.00 spent of the value of each eligible transaction. Simply put, for every pound spent on eligible purposes, you will gain five loyalty points.

(e) Under no circumstances can points be sold.  

(f) We withhold the point to limit point earning eligibility on discounted or promotional purchases.

4. Bonus Points

(a) During promotional periods, the number of points earned per pound spent may increase which will be clearly defined in any communications with start and end dates specified—in the event of no end date being specified, we reserve the right to end promotional period increased point earning at our own discretion.

(b) Bonus points may differ in usability from that of ordinary points, as will be clearly defined during any promotion.

(c) Other ways a customer can earn points are listed within the customer's rewards panel once logged in to their rewards dashboard.

5. Displaying points

Your points balance will be displayed within your rewards dashboard. This balance will include:

(a) Points awarded for eligible transactions debited to your loyalty account.

(b) Bonus Points awarded in accordance with special promotions.

(c) Bonus Points awarded in accordance with 'other ways to earn' shown within the rewards dashboard.

6. Transactions Illegible for Earning Points

There may be some transactions which can be made that will not earn points for your account. These may include:

(a) Unauthorised purchases for which you are not liable.

(b) Purchases made of promotional items noted not to be part of the points campaign.

(c) Refunded purchases excluding refunds that were a result of an error on our side. This may include:

          i. Returns because of faulty items.

          ii. Late delivery without a reasonable cause.

7. Things That Can Reduce Your Balance

Your loyalty points balance will be reduced when:

(a) Yourself, or someone authorised by you, uses your points to claim a reward.

(b) A refund or reimbursement for a transaction previously made is debited to your user account (as stated in section 6c)

(c) There have been unauthorised transactions from your account for which you are not liable.

(d) Points were incorrectly allocated to your points balance.

(e) If we reasonably suspect you have behaved fraudulently in connection to your loyalty account and are not entitled to points earned.

When points decrease, this will be displayed by your updated points value in your loyalty account. The points value will be calculated using the rate at which the points were originally allocated.

8. Expiration of Points

(a) If our loyalty program gets terminated by us, we will notify all loyalty users how long they have to use their remaining points before final expiration.

(b) No other users are legible to use your points: If for whatever reason we are notified that your account has been compromised and given to another, we reserve the right to instantly expire any remaining points. Should this happen incorrectly please contact us immediately.

9. Keeping Track of Points

To keep track of points:

(a) Access your loyalty account via the star in the bottom left corner of our website, whereby your current points balance will be clearly displayed at the top of the rewards panel once you have logged in.

(b) Clicking on your activity will show a history of earned, redeemed, or disqualified points.

(c) You may wish to subscribe to our email list to receive the occasional points balance email notification. 

10. Rewards Explained

To thank customers for their loyalty to our brand, a reward in the form of a discount amount to be used towards your next order is available to be redeemed using your points.

(a) The number of points required to redeem a reward at any given time is set out in our loyalty program. You can view this information in your rewards panel under 'Ways to redeem'.

(b) Lib's Aromatherapy withholds the right to make or change the number of points required for a reward at any point but will give prior notice to the customer.

Except with our clear consent, after you have placed your request for a reward you cannot:

(a) Return the reward, or receive a points refund/credit to your points balance.

(b) Exchange the reward or receive any consideration—including for cash.

11. Loyalty Program Termination

We may terminate our loyalty program at any time acting reasonably. Where possible, we will give you at least 90 days' notice of the termination and cancellation of your loyalty account (if applicable). The same applies if we choose to transfer our loyalty program over to another provider or another system. If so, we will give you 30 days' notice. Current points will not be transferred over to the new provider or system so any points will need to be redeemed before the transfer date. We will communicate this information to you at the time of notice. Circumstances where prior notice may not be possible include where we are affected by events outside our control (for example, one of our key Rewards partners terminates their arrangement with us or can no longer perform their obligations).

If we give you notice after termination, Points will only continue to be credited to your Points Balance in relation to transactions that occurred prior to the date of termination.

Any notice we give will include the general reasons for termination (if possible), and the time period available to you to use points in your points balance to claim rewards. We will define the time limit remaining before the final expiration of all points.

Examples of when we may terminate include, but are not limited to:

(a) where you are in default under these terms and conditions or the terms and conditions of another facility that the customer has with us;

(b) where we believe on reasonable grounds that the continued operation of the account may cause loss to the Customer or us.

These examples are for guidance only and do not limit our ability to cancel the account.


12. Changes to Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to change and update our terms and conditions when required.  Whilst these changes may come without prior notice, we will notify users of any major updates to ensure full transparency.


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