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"Discover the Ultimate Guide to Using Pulse Point Oils for Health and Wellness"

A pulse point rollerball bottle with lid

What are pulse point oils?

Your pulse is the movement of blood being pumped around the body by the heart, and a 'pulse point' is an area of the body where you can feel this motion each time the heart beats. These areas are where the artery is closest to the skin's surface and usually where the skin is at its thinnest.

There are 9 pulse points located on the body, but for the sake of aromatherapy, 4 of these are the best places to apply your essential oil rollerball blend.

The reasons why these are the ideal areas to apply your rollerball blend are:

  1. They are absorbed into the skin quicker than denser areas of skin, and

  2. Seeing as our blood stays at around 37 degrees Celsius, each pulse wave releases a small amount of this heat, so any oil that has been applied is released giving you a gentle whiff of fragrance.

Where are your pulse points located?

diagram of pulse points on the body

1. Temples

2. Neck (under jawline, either side of the Adam's apple)

3. Chest, near the heart (harder to feel)

4. Inner elbows

5. Wrists

6. Groin

7. Behind the knees

8. Side of the inner ankles

9. Top of the foot

Points 1 - 4 are the ideal areas for pulse point rollerball blends, mainly because they are closer to your nose, enabling you to smell the fragrance more throughout the day when applied.

how to use your pulse point oil?

A purse with keys, mobile phone and a rollerball oil.

Our rollerball blends are the perfect handbag essential and are so simple to use.

When you're out and about and you need a boost, simply remove the screw cap, roll it over the pulse point and inhale the mood-boosting fragrance.

For help with sleep, keep a Relax with Lavender & Geranium or Sleep with Orange, Marjoram & Vetivert rollerball next to your bed. Roll it on the pulse points when you get into bed and inhale the fragrance while you relax into your pillow. Customers have reported better sleep when doing this.

"...I've had 7 consecutive nights of deep sleep with six plus hours, better than normal. I would highly recommend this product to anyone with sleep problems..." - Ray (product review)

Have you tried a Lib's Aromatherapy Rollerball Blend yet?

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