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how to use pulse point oils?

A pulse point rollerball bottle with lid

What are pulse points?

Pulse points are areas of the body where your pulse is most noticeable to touch. These are the areas where the skin is at its thinnest and the blood flows closest to the surface of the skin.

where are pulse points located on the body?

There are pulse points all over the body, but the 2 most well-known pulse points are located on the inner wrists and neck. These are the most common places to check the pulse, and where you would usually spray your perfumes or aftershave before going out.

Why do we apply perfumes on pulse points?

When perfumes are applied to pulse points, they are absorbed into the skin quicker than denser fattier areas. The veins are located very close to the surface of the skin in these places, and given that blood temperature stays at around 37 degrees Celsius, each pulse wave releases heat and in turn releases the scent from the oils applied, giving you a whiff of fragrance every now and again.

girl putting an essential oil bottle into her coat pocket
what are pulse point oils?

Simply put, Pulse Point oils are ready-blended, ready-diluted, and ready to use on the skin.

Their convenient size means you can take them anywhere, and because they're contained in small glass roller ball bottles, they're quick and easy to use.

Simply remove the lid, roll it onto the chosen pulse points, and enjoy the fragrance!

How many pulse points are in the human body?

diagram of pulse points on the body

1. Temples

2. Behind the ears

3. Neck (under jaw line/either side of the Adams Apple)

4. Inner elbows

5. Wrists

6. Groin

7. Behind the knees

8. Side of the inner ankles

9. Top of the foot

There is also a Pulse point located in the chest area, near the heart. But for perfume use, pulse points 1 - 5 are the perfect places to apply your pulse point oil because they're closer to your nose.

How to find your pulse points?

To find your pulse points, you would use your index and middle finger tips together and place them on the area. There's no point feeling with your thumb, as it has its own pulse.

The easiest pulse point to find is in the wrists. Turn your hand over (palm facing up), and use your index and middle fingertips to feel around the wrist for a beating pulse. It's located a little to the outer side of each wrist (in line with the thumb and index finger). You may need to use slight pressure to feel each beat, but that is where you would roll your pulse point oil.

Another easy pulse point to find would be under the lower jaw, on either side of where the Adam's Apple would be.

girl rolling essential oils onto her wrist

how to use your pulse point oil?

To use your pulse point oil, all you need to do is remove the screw cap, turn the bottle upside down, place the ball onto the wrist and roll it around to get the flow of oil moving over the ball. Do the same on your inner elbows, neck, behind the ears, on the temples or apply to all 5 areas if you choose.

If you're using either my Relax with Lavender & Geranium or Sleep with Orange, Marjoram & Vetivert Pulse point oils, roll it on when you get into bed and just inhale the fragrance. You can then keep it on your bedside table. Customers have reported better sleep when doing this.

If you haven't tried Pulse Point Oils yet browse through our 6 gorgeous wellbeing blends ready to roll for instant wellbeing. Take 10% off your first one by entering code READYTOROLL at checkout.

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