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Essential oils have been used to support health and well-being for thousands of years with the aim of treating a variety of issues ranging from anxiety and depression to cold & flu.

When essential oils are inhaled they interact with the Olfactory System (cells & organs related to your sense of smell) and Limbic System (Connected to parts of the brain that control blood pressure, breathing, heart rate, memory, stress levels and even hormone balance) therefore having profound effects on the body, physiologically and psychologically.

For example, when inhaled, Eucalyptus can soothe a cough, Peppermint, to boost energy and enhance mental focus and many others that can ease anxiety and depressive symptoms.

The fine, delicate complexity of essential oils cannot be duplicated synthetically with inorganic chemicals. This is why essential oils affect our moods and emotions and synthetic perfumes do not.

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Essential oils and soy wax, together make a beautiful product, releasing amazing aromas and benefits gradually as the wax is warmed or the candle burned.

  • Soy wax is a vegetable wax made from hydrogenated soybean oil.

  • It is a completely renewable vegetable wax.

  • Soy is carbon neutral and has no negative impact on the environment.

  • It does not produce toxins, carcinogens or pollutants.

  • Soy wax burns clean, releasing the scent gradually as the candle burns.

  • Soy wax also cleans up easily with plain old soap and water.

All of my candles and melts are made from natural Soy wax and pure essential oils and confirmed Vegan-friendly and Cruelty free.

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Reed Diffusers are underrated.

I think the reason for this is that many do not place the diffuser in the correct place. You see many tucked away in the corner of a room where the air flow is at it's least.

So to get the most out of your diffuser, place in a high traffic area or next to an entry way. This ensures the air flowing past the reeds can carry the aroma in and out of a room.

Read my blog post for more tips and tricks on

"The correct way to use a Reed Diffuser".

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I love

I am proud to say that all of my products are made by me, using 100% natural ingredients. I also strive to uphold one of my core values, which is


of my products are CLP cOmpliant
A CLP Label being applied to the base of a scented candle


Does Clp mean?

CLP stands for the Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 on the Classification, Labeling and Packaging of substances and mixtures.

Have you ever wondered what the label on the base of a candle cup, reed diffuser or on the side of a cosmetic bottle is? Some with an exclamation mark or a pictogram of a tree and a dead fish and a heap of text (most of which looks like a jumble of words)?

This is called a CLP label. This label is for your safety and information. It lists any hazardous allergens or chemicals for that particular substance, plus hazard statements telling you exactly why they're there and what to do if you encounter any irritation. These are, by law, compulsory to affix to a product before it goes on the market. As my products contain essential oils, which in turn contain natural allergens and natural chemicals, I have provided these labels on all of my products for your safety and information.

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Lib's Aromatherapy offers a wide range of beautiful home fragrance products containing only 100% natural and pure ingredients.

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